Oracle Hyperion - Foundation Services

1 - About

The following section describes what is called : Foundation Services products.

3 - Foundation Services products

3.1 - Oracle's Hyperion® Shared Services

Shared Service integrates EPM System products to provide user provisioning, lifecycle management, and task flow management. It also provides the Shared Services Registry, a central repository that simplifies product configuration by storing and re-using information for most EPM System products that you install.

3.2 - EPM Workspace

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Oracle Hyperion - Workspace provides a consistent and interactive thin-client environment for working with EPM content. EPM Workspace is the Web client for the following products:

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition
  • Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Fusion Edition
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect, Fusion Edition
  • Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Fusion Edition
  • Hyperion Calculation Manager

3.3 - Performance Management Architect

Performance Management Architect enables creation and deployment of financial applications from a central location. The visual environment provided by Performance Management Architect provides a simple and intuitive user experience for modeling the financial business process, including data, dimensions, and application logic.

Performance Management Architect works with the following products:

  • Calculation Manager
  • Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Oracle Essbase
  • Profitability and Cost Management

3.4 - Calculation Manager

Calculation Manager is a feature of Performance Management Architect. It provides the graphical interface for building and calculating business rules for Planning and Financial Management applications.

3.5 - Smart View

Oracle Hyperion Essbase - Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition provides a common Microsoft Office addin for various EPM System products - Essbase :

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