OWB - Data Rules

1 - About

Data Rule is the key concept of the data quality. They are part of the Data Quality option to Warehouse Builder. If you don't know what is a data rule, please refer you to data rule.

For a complete explanation of how to implement and manage data rule see :

3 - How to define your rule ?

3.1 - Pre-build rule

You have already a lot of pre-build rule. You can see them in the global explorer as Public Data Rules.

3.2 - Derive rule from a profiling result

You can also derive a data rule from a OWB - Data Profiling result. For instance below, we have discover a Domain List with the country column. Select it and create a data rule by clicking on the “Derive Data Rule”.

3.3 - Data Rule in Project Explorer

You can define your own. You will find a data rule node in the project explorer. Just expand the node and right click on rule to launch a wizard.

3.4 - Create Data Rules in Scripting

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