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OBI Forum Live Second Edition

I’m going to present in the [[|OBI Forum Live]] the next week on the 3th Wednesday of Juny 2009.

This second edition is really impressive and as I see that we will have parallel sessions, I’m already very disappointed because I couldn’t assist to all presentations :
* Multi-Language Dashboards, [[|John Minkjan]]
* Oracle BI EE en Oracle Mapviewer, Daan Bakboord
* OBI-EE, The Rising Sun [[|Emiel van Bockel]]
* Understanding the Oracle BI Server Engine, [[|Gerard Braat]]
* Creating Hybrid Essbase/Relational Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Logical Models, [[|Mark Rittman]]

I have landed now one year ago in the Nederland and if feel a little bit in the same way that Emiel in [[|the Brighton BI Forum]] : as [[|a strange duck]].

I will speak about how [[dat:obiee:start|Obiee]] can help us in a [[dw:data_quality:master_data_management|Master Data Management Project]]. It’s a really important project because it contain a data quality step which is the only part in a ETL process which add values. And in this way, for instance, it can influence the business process according to the business strategy …

And if you are a little bit more curious, that you are around de Meern (Utrecht, Nederland) next Wednesday and that you want exchange or simply see what is going on in the Business Intelligence, [[|sign up / schrijf je nu in !]].

Spannend !



3 Responses to “OBI Forum Live Second Edition”

  1. Adrian Ward says:

    Good luck with the presentation and the event.
    I Would love to have been there, clients getting in the way !

  2. Shailesh Kulakrni says:


    i always follow you articles..very much helpfull, thanks

    My pc configuration : Microsoft windows XP Professional,SP3,Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM with 150 GB

    I installed Oracle 11g r2,OBIEE 11G (Simple Install) and installation completed successfully. I can able to login all the components except Obiee11g-em.
    When I try to open the Enterprise Manager, the login page is coming up.
    Logged in using the web logic admin user and password and after that the blank screen is coming up.
    In the banked(console) the below error is coming up.

    1) warning javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application BEA-000000 JSF1004: Cannot instantiate component of type oracle.dss.adf.graph.Graph

    2). I started Node manager then trying to start managed services
    “bi_server1″- Managed service not listing under servers in console.

    3). Please provide me steps to start/stop obiee services on windows
    Please suggest