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1 - About

A Static website is a web application that is composed of static resources. (ie the web site doesn't need to generate dynamic pages at runtime)

The first reason to create or generate a static website is to improve performance because the pages:


3 - Management

3.1 - Resource

3.2 - Caching

3.3 - Web Site Conversion

3.3.1 - Static to Dynamic

A static website can be turned into a dynamic web application by adding client-side JavaScript that makes AJAX calls to APIs.

3.3.2 - Generator

A generator transforms a dynamic website to a static one.

A dynamic website can be turned into a static web application with a generator.

A generator will generate static resources (pages, image, ...) from dynamic component (sort of template engine for instance, one page is generated by product)

Static Generator:



3.4 - Hosting

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