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1 - Type

The term MIME type is also known as an Internet media type that refers to the type of a resource


3 - Syntax

A string is a valid MIME type with no parameters if it matches the media-type rule defined in section "Media Types" of RFC 7231, but does not contain any “;” (U+003B) characters. In other words, if it consists only of a type and subtype, with no MIME Type parameters.

4 - Plugin

A user agent must not consider the types text/plain and application/octet-stream as having a registered plugin.

5 - Registry

See the registry

6 - List

For a full list, see the registry

6.1 - Html

  • text/html: HTML document

6.2 - XML

The term XML MIME type is used to refer to the MIME types:

  • text/xml,
  • application/xml,
  • and any MIME type whose subtype ends with the four characters “+xml”.

RFC3023 - XML Media Types


6.3 - x-www-form-urlencoded

7 - Detection

You can detect it:

8 - Library

9 - Documentation / Reference