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1 - About

An image.


3 - Definition

3.1 - HTML element

The img element represents an image where:

  • src stands for “source” that have as value an url or a data scheme.

If the src value begins:

<base href="">

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3.2 - img role

See also the related ARIA img role. A container for a collection of elements that form an image. An img can contain captions and descriptive text, as well as multiple image files that when viewed together give the impression of a single image.

3.3 - alt attribute

The alt attribute is an Alternate text that is shown when the image cannot be displayed (page read by a screen reader)

4 - Security

The img element can be used in conjunction with some other features as a way to effect a port scan from the user's location on the Internet. This can expose local network topologies that the attacker would otherwise not be able to determine.

5 - Style

img, embed, object, video {
  max-width: 100%;

6 - DOM Accessor

The document property document.images returns an HTMLCollection of the img elements in the Document.

7 - Placeholder Image


8 - Provider

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