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1 - About

The code element represents a fragment of computer code.


3 - Example

The following example shows how the element can be used in a paragraph to mark up element names and computer code, including punctuation.

<p>The <code>code<code> element represents a fragment of computer
<p>When you call the <code>activate()<code> method on the
<code>robotSnowman<code> object, the eyes glow.</p>
<p>The example below uses the <code>begin<code> keyword to indicate
the start of a statement block. It is paired with an <code>end<code>
keyword, which is followed by the <code>.<code> punctuation character
(full stop) to indicate the end of the program.</p>

The following example shows how a block of code could be marked up using the pre and code elements.

<pre><code class="language-pascal">var i: Integer;
   i := 1;

A class is used in that example to indicate the language used.

4 - Prettifying / Syntax Highlighting

Prettifying can be done by the client through JavaScript library:

5 - Documentation / Reference

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