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1 - About

Any text that is directly contained inside a block container element (not inside an inline element) must be treated as an anonymous inline element.

Anonymous inline boxes do not have an associated inline-level element.

3 - Example

In a document with HTML markup like this:

<p>Some <em>emphasized</em> text</p>
  • the p generates a block box
  • The box for “emphasized” is an inline box generated by an inline element (<em>),
  • The other boxes (“Some” and “text”) are inline boxes

4 - Property

4.1 - Inheritance

Such anonymous inline boxes inherit inheritable properties from their block parent box. Non-inherited properties have their initial value.

4.2 - Content

White space content that would subsequently be collapsed away according to the white-space property does not generate any anonymous inline boxes.

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6 - Documentation / Reference

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