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1 - About

An “origin” is often used as the scope of authority or privilege by user agents.

Origins are fundamental for the Web’s security model.

Orgin sharing:

  • Two actors that share an origin are assumed to trust each other and to have the same authority.
  • Actors with differing origins are considered potentially hostile versus each other, and are isolated from each other to varying degrees.

3 - Origin Syntax

Basically, the origin is from the Web - URL

  • A scheme (a scheme).
  • A host (a host).
  • A port (a port).
  • A domain (null or a domain)

but this is more complicate than that. See Browser Origin

4 - Origin

4.1 - HTTP Header

The HTTP header field, named “Origin” indicates which origins are associated with an HTTP request.

4.2 - URI

origin of a URI

5 - Same

6 - Documentation / Reference