Docker - Registry (Remote Image Store)

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1 - About

A Docker Registry is a remote store of Docker images.

Technically, a registry is an instance of the registry image, and runs within Docker.

Docker store allows you to buy and sell Docker images or distribute them for free.


3 - Type

3.1 - public

  • Docker Hub (default)
  • Docker Cloud

3.2 - private

4 - Management

4.1 - Default

Docker is configured to look for images on Docker Hub by default.

4.2 - Start/Stop

  • Start your registry
docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name registry registry:2
  • Stop the registry and remove all data
docker container stop registry && docker container rm -v registry

4.3 - Push/Pull

When you use

  • the docker pull or docker run commands, the required images are pulled from your configured registry.
  • the docker push command, your image is pushed to your configured registry.


  • Tag the image so that it points to your registry
docker image tag ubuntu localhost:5000/myfirstimage
docker push localhost:5000/myfirstimage
docker pull localhost:5000/myfirstimage

5 - Documentation / Reference