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1 - About

Color - Gradient in Inkscape

3 - Stop

Gradients are defined in terms of Stops.

A Stop has:

  • a color
  • and a position (offset)

in the Gradient.

The default Gradient has two Stops, both with the same color but with different transparencies.

You can add as many stop as you want.


4 - Management

4.1 - Create

4.1.1 - A gradient

There are two ways to add a gradient:

  • the Gradient Tool. Click on it and create a line with a start and an end handle.
  • the Fill and Stroke dialog.

4.1.2 - A stop

Once a gradient line has been created, you can add a stop by:

  • double clicking on it.
  • or using the + icon of the control bar

4.2 - Modification

Select the object and click on:

  • the gradient tool. By default, the end stop will be selected
  • or the spacebar, you enter in the Edit by node (F2) tool and you can see the stop nodes

Color: Both the Fill and Stroke paint tabs will show the color of the Stop and can be used to change the color.


4.3 - List

Fill and Stroke dialog after selecting the object:

5 - Documentation / Reference