Inkscape - Bounding Box (Selection cue)

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1 - About

When the object is selected, a bounding box appears (by default, a dashed rectangular frame)

The bouding box is the smallest rectangular box with sides parallel to the x and y axis that completely encloses an object.

The bouding box is composed of a set of double-headed arrows called the handle where you can apply transformations. See handle


3 - Management

3.1 - Handle

You will see eight arrow-shaped handles appear around the object. Now you can:

  • Move the object by dragging it on a non-transparent part. (Press Ctrl to restrict movement to horizontal and vertical.)
  • Scale the object by dragging any handle. (Press Ctrl to preserve the original height/width ratio.)

Now click the rectangle again. The handles change. Now you can:

  • Rotate the object by dragging corner handles. (Press Ctrl to restrict rotation to 15 degree steps. Drag the cross mark to position the center of rotation.)
  • Skew (shear) the object by dragging non-corner handles. (Press Ctrl to restrict skewing to 15 degree steps.)

3.2 - Configuration

The element considered in the calculation of the bounding box are preference dependent.

If the bouding box to use is:

  • visual, the round stroke Join and Cap style (if the stroke is visible) are considered
  • Geometric, only the nodes are considered