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1 - About

DbFit is a framework written as a fit plugin of fitnesse that is dedicated to database testing.

2 - Example with Azure SQL Server

3 - Admin

3.1 - Supported database

  • SQLServer 2005 — SQLSERVER (Earlier versions of SQL Server — SQLSERVER2000)
  • Oracle — ORACLE
  • DB2 — DB2
  • Derby (JavaDB) — DERBY

There is no generic ANSI database implementation. See WhyNotGeneric

If the database is not implemented, a new adapter need to be added. See adding-a-new-database-adapter (ie implementation of the DbEnvironment interface where AbstractDbEnvironment has some stubs)

That is why all test fixtures have two constructors — one default, which will use the default environment, and one which allows the caller to specify the environment.


4 - Documentation / Reference