Function - sha1 (Secure Hash Algorithm-1) function

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1 - About

A sha1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) is an hash function that generates 40-character string (message_digest) composed of hexadecimal characters (0–9 and a–f).

It's calculated based on the contents of a file or directory structure (ie several files)

(Secure Hash Algorithm-1) produces a 160-bit digest.


3 - Tools

They compute and check SHA1 message digest.

You can produce it with :

  • the linux sha1sum utility.
sha1sum myFile
3fc008db425fbe2027f0002f9ae58f9ccec4b08c  myFile
fciv -sha1 thefile.exe
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
e901af858a964192cec891cdbae76ca6789d741c thefile.exe