Process - Inter Process Communication (IPC)

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1 - About

An Inter Process Communication (IPC) describes the fact that two or more processes exchange information.

IPC is used not just for communication between processes on the same system, but also on different systems.


3 - Type

  • message passing - sending of message via pipes , mailbox, …, web Services Soap or Rest
  • synchronisatie - a system of signal (semaphores, flag, signals) that the proces can read and write
  • shared memory. If two applications/process are installed on the same machine, they can improve performance by using a shared memory segment for inter-process communication (IPC). Using a shared memory segment as communication allows for the best performance, but consumes more memory.
  • remote procedure calls (RPC) - Call of functions

4 - Resources

Most operating systems support Inter Process Communication (IPC) resources, such as:

  • sockets. A socket an endpoint of an inter-process communication flow across a computer network.