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1 - Definition

A (performance) metric is an calculated and aggregated measure of activities of:

  • a person,
  • a process,
  • an event,
  • or an institution organization.

A metric gives a way of quantitatively and periodically measuring, assessing, controlling or selecting.

It has standard unit such as :

  • meter or mile for length,
  • or gram or ton for weight,
  • or systems of measurement,


3 - In Business Intelligence, Metrics or KPI ?

In a Business Intelligence context, metrics are often referred to as :

  • key performance indicators (KPI)
  • key quality indicators (KQI)

One difference that we can made between metrics and KPI is that:

  • a metric is a measure of business activity.
  • whereas the key performance indicator (KPI) are the most important and relevant metrics often associated with a target.

4 - Data Rule and Metrics

A data rule is like a metrics definition. It is an indicator, so you should create data rules that are important things to measure with regards to the business strategy (KPI), to the data quality (KQI), …

5 - Example

  • Roce
  • Roi
  • Customer loyalty
  • Profitability
  • Short and long term performance

to define action such as Investissement on:

  • new product
  • process
  • it
  • human
  • market
  • customer

6 - Reference

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