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Dimensional Data Modeling - Dimensional Schemas @data:type:cube:modeling
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====== Dimensional Data Modeling - Dimensional Schemas ====== ===== About ===== This section is about ''dimensional'' [[data:modeling:modeling|data modeling]], That is the building of a [[..:cube|cube (hype... al modelling tends to be an iterative process. A dimensional schema is a [[data:type:relation:modeling:denormalization|denormalized schema]] that follow... and optimization of queries (Raisinghani, 2000). Dimensional schemas are not nearly as efficient as [[data:type:relation:modeling:entity_relationship_model|E-R schemas]] for updat
Dimensional Data Modeling - Fact Table @data:type:cube:modeling
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====== Dimensional Data Modeling - Fact Table ====== ===== About ===== A ''fact table'' is a table that stores [[fact|fact... /WRAP> A fact table is the primary table in a [[modeling|dimensional model]] where the [[measure|performance measureme... ationships]] between [[dimension|dimension]] in [[modeling|dimensional model]]. {{ data:type:cube:modeling:star_schema.... ference ===== * [[|Model
Multidimensional Data (Cube) @data:type:cube
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= {{backlinks>.}} ===== Implementation ===== [[.modeling:modeling|Dimensional modeling]] concepts are applicable wither implementing the model in: * a [[.:modeling:cube|OLAP cube]] * or a relational database: * [[.:modeling:snowflake]] * [[.:modeling:star_schema]] * or with a [[.:semantic:semantic|semantic layer]] (cube v
Online Analytical Processing (Olap) @data:type:cube
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ed data (aggregations, matrix calculations, cross-dimensional calculations, OLAP-aware formulas and procedural calculations) * S... te environment to support users what-if analysis, modeling and planning requirements * The ability to be d... ese requirements by themselves. ROLAP (relational OLAP) tools meet only one or two of these requirements... dbis/lehre/ss2005/sem_dwh/lit/Cod93.pdf|Providing OLAP to User-Analysts: An IT Mandate]] * [[wp>Essbas
Data Warehousing - Subsytem @data:warehouse
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nced query performance. * [[data:type:cube:cube|olap_cube_builder]] (subsystem 20) — Feeds data from the relational dimensional schema to populate OLAP cubes. * [[datawarehouse:data_propagation_manager]] (subsystem 21) — Prepares
Data Warehouse @data:warehouse
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ouse ===== * Reference and [[data:type:relation:modeling:lookup|lookup tables]] store master, reference, and dimensional data, * while base, derived, and aggregate tab... ction and fact data at different [[data:type:cube:modeling:grain|granularities]]. Base tables store the tran... tion data at the lowest level of [[data:type:cube:modeling:grain|granularity]], while derived and aggregate ... atform Features and Techniques]] * Data Driven (OLAP) Vs. Function Driven (OLTP) ===== System =====
OWB - Dimension @dit:owb
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| For a relational or ROLAP implementation, the dimensional object is deployed to the database and a CWM definition to the OLAP catalog. For a MOLAP implementation, the dimensio... n if you want applications such as Discoverer for OLAP to access the dimensional object data after you deploy data only. Use this
Dimensional Data Modeling - OLAP Cube @data:type:cube:modeling
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====== Dimensional Data Modeling - OLAP Cube ====== ===== About ===== An ''OLAP cube'' is a [[modeling|dimensional data structure]] that answer [[..:query|dimensional query]]. I... ally pre-computed. ===== Computation ===== The OLAP cube consists of [[data:type:cube:modeling:measure|numeric facts called measures]] which are categorized by [[..:modeling:dimension|dimensions]]. The cube metadata may be
Dimensional Data Modeling - Star Schema @data:type:cube:modeling
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====== Dimensional Data Modeling - Star Schema ====== ===== About ===== A ''star schema'' is a [[data:type:relation:modeling:schema|relational schema]] that is a dimensional: * with a single [[fact_table|fact table]] * ... icult to make the choice between [[data:type:cube:modeling:measure|measure]] and [[descriptif|dimensional descriptif attributes]], especially when the valu
Oracle Database - Materialized Views (ROLAP) and Cubes (MOLAP) comparison (Pre Compute Operations) @db:oracle
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y. ==== Adhoc Analytic Functions ==== The multi dimensional calculation engine in Oracle OLAP that operates on the cube data provides a very ri... Supporting different types of hierarchies in the dimensional data, and allowing more flexibility in how hierar... d level based, as illustrated below. {{db:oracle:olap_dimension_and_hierarchy_type.jpg|}} Within the analytic workspace dimensions, [[data:type:cube:modeling:hierarchy#ragged_hierarchies|ragged hierarchies]]
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Dimensional Data Modeling - Fact @data:type:cube:modeling
13 Hits, Last modified:|{{:olap:dimensional_modeling:facts.jpg?400|}}]] <wrap tip>The term ''fact'' c... ared architecture, the tables store only the last version of the facts (ie mostly in dimensional/entity table)
System OLTP vs Data Warehouse RDBMS vs OLAP Server @data:warehouse
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ormalization|Normalized]] or [[data:type:relation:modeling:denormalization|denormalized]] | Dimensional, hierarchical | | Data structure design goal | Up... source of data for reporting and analysis: * An OLAP query on a OLTP system will cause locking and con
Data Warehousing - Data Marts @data:warehouse
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subject-or application-specific [[data:type:cube:modeling:modeling|multidimensional schema]] build on the top of an [[ods|Enterprise Data Warehouse]]. Data marts ar... |}} ''Data marts'' contain [[data:type:cube:cube|dimensional data (dimensions and facts)]]. Facts can contain ... ata:type:cube:query|online analytical processing (OLAP) queries]]. ===== Articles Related ===== {{backl
Oracle Hyperion - Essbase @db:essbase
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formance management applications. <wrap tip>An OLAP solution is needed when you begin to work with [[data:type:cube:modeling:measure#non-additive|non-additive fact]].</wrap> ... ] * [[getting_started]] * [[essbase_vs_oracle_olap]] * [[development]] * [[application]] * [[S
BOBJ - Measure @viz:bobj
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