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1 - About


3 - Cost

Free to send with your own host

4 - Blacklisted

If a server shows bad email behavior (such as spam, spoofing, ddos), the server can be blacklisted.

Hosts are often blacklisted with spam filters, including known hosts such as HostGator or Blue Host.

5 - Test

6 - Configuration

6.1 - Email

6.2 - Authentication


6.3 - Email provider

Target Server

6.3.1 - Outlook

Microsoft server (Outlook, etc.): Whitelist policy

6.3.2 - Gmail

Gmail server: Add a Dmarc

Most of the major Web-based email providers have implemented a policy of strictly adopting the DMARC protocol. They have a policy of rejecting any messages that don’t pass the authentication checks spelled out in the DMARC specification.

7 - Method

7.1 - Third party

Using a dedicated email service provider is the most easy and secure way to send email

7.2 - Host Provider

7.3 - SMTP

7.4 - Dedicated Server

On a dedicated server, you may use your own website rather than using an SMTP connection to send email.

  • The IP address of your server should not be blacklisted. See spam score

7.5 - Personal Email provider

You cannot send emails using your personal Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc. in the FROM address. The emails might:

  • not be delivered at all, like on Yahoo,
  • or display a warning, like “Be careful with this message” on Gmail which warns about the recipient that he might be spoofed.

8 - Documentation / Reference

9 - Note

  • MailPoet works with Amazon SES and Sendgrid.