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1 - About

A newsletter is a marketing channel that consists of an email that is send to a user.


3 - Example

3.1 - Amazon

See example

4 - Management

4.1 - Signup

4.2 - Send

4.2.1 - Domain

New domains are cheap. You don't spam from You spam from,,, etc.

For instance:

  • Facebook notifications come from,
  • CarMax spams from
  • AT&T uses
  • And so on.

They don't all do it, but many do.

And if they burn their main domain, it's an easy option.

Example of newsletter Mail Information

from:	Thomas <[email protected]>
reply-to:	Thomas <[email protected]>
to:	Nico <[email protected]>
date:	4 Oct 2019, 09:38
subject:	Nico, ....
mailing list:	148662d91563921f62f4d682amc list <> Filter messages from this mailing list
Signed by:
security:	 Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

4.3 - Engagement