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1 - About

User analytics is a event-data application based on (web|application) event analytics created by the user such as click, page load, ..


3 - Process

  • Tracker - fire events
  • Collectors receive events from trackers.
    • Tracking Pixel:
      • Example: The tracking pixel is served from Cloudfront. The tracker requests the pixel (using a GET), and appends the data to be logged in the query string for the GET request. Amazon provides Cloudfront logging: the request (incl. the query string) gets logged to S3 including some additional data provided by Cloudfront. (E.g. requester IP address and URL.) Data payload limited by querystring length - Logging via a GET query string could potentially hit the de facto 2000 character URL length limit
    • Apache Kafka
    • Amazon Kinesis
    • Apache Flume
    • Facebook’s Scribe
    • Web Service Endpoint with a web Server (Akka Http for Scala (play framework is built on int)),…)
  • Enrich:
    • Batch: Hadoop Spark
    • Stream: Kinesis/Kafka
  • Storage:
    • Flat file structure on HDFS (S3,…)
    • Database (Redshift, Postgres,…)

4 - List

4.1 - Open Source