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Table of Contents

1 - Criteria

  • RON: Run on all sites in the ad network
  • ROS: Target specific domains/publishers in the ad network
  • Geolocation
  • Keywords (context)
  • Time of day
  • Browser type / OS

2 - Type

The targeting type of AdSense report shows how advertisers targeted ads on a website site.

The data in the report is broken down into the following targeting types:

  • Contextual, targeting based on keyword analysis, word frequency, font size and the overall link structure of the web
  • Placement, targeting based on your site URL
  • Personalised, targeting specific users on your site based on their cookie ID and Google Account if the user opts into these features; however, this targeting type may also include contextual targeting when we don’t have access to user data
  • Run of Network, targeting all sites in the AdSense network, except explicitly excluded sites, according to available inventory
  • None, no targeting used