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1 - About

JAXP (Java API for XML Processing) is an umbrella term that bundle the various low-level XML APIs in JavaSE. ie

JAXP also provides namespace support support (see javax/xml/namespace), allowing you to work with DTDs that might otherwise have naming conflicts.

Pluggable implementation:

  • A SAX or DOM API parser
  • An XSL processor (to control how XML data is displayed).

3 - Features

API Type Pull, streaming Push, streaming In memory tree XSLT Rule
Parser Pull Push
Programming model (Ease of Use) Simple Medium Simple Medium
XPath Capability No No Yes Yes
CPU and Memory Efficiency Good Good Varies Varies
Forward Only Yes Yes No No
Read XML Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write XML Yes No Yes Yes
Create, Read, Update, Delete No No Yes No

4 - JAXP Sample Programs

Several samples are included in the download archive.

java -jar JAXP_146.jar

See JAXP_146.jar


5 - Jar

The API can be found in the following jar jaxp-api.jar

6 - Documentation / Reference

6.1 - Others