Notepad++ - System Variable

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Table of Contents

1 - List

FULL_CURRENT_PATH The fully qualified path to the current document. E:\myPath\welcome.html
CURRENT_DIRECTORY The directory the current document resides in E:\myPath
FILE_NAME The file name welcome.html
NAME_PART The filename without the extension welcome
EXT_PART The extension of the current document html
NPP_DIRECTORY The directory that contains the notepad++.exe executable that is currently running
CURRENT_WORD The currently selected text in the document
CURRENT_LINE The current line number that is selected in the document (0 based index, the first line is 0).
CURRENT_COLUMN The current column the cursor resides in (0 based index, the first position on the line is 0).

2 - Access

You access these by using $(varname).