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Template Description
iter Iteration according to Java SDK 1.5 style
inst Check object type with instanceof and downcast it
itco Iterate elements of java.util.Collection
itit Iterate elements of java.util.Iterator
itli Iterate elements of java.util.List
itve Iterate elements of java.util.Vector
iten Iterate elements of java.util.Enumeration
itar Iterate elements of array
ritar Iterate elements of array in reverse order
lst Fetch the last element of an array
toar Store elements of java.util.Collection into an array
mn Set lesser value to a variable
mx Set greater value to a variable
psf public static final
psvm main() method declaration
serr Print a string to System.err
sout Print a string to System.out
soutm Print current class and method names to System.out
soutv Print a value to System.out
thr throw new