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1 - About

A javascript Project is a Static Web project.

You need to define the JavaScript libraries as dependency.

3 - Debug

The debug session is based on the chrome debug mode.

If you choose:

  • locally, Idea will start a server for you and start a chrome page
  • remote, Idea will install the file remotely and start a chrome page

See Debugging


4 - Configuration

4.1 - Plugin

4.1.1 - Idea

JavaScript Support plugin is bundled with IntelliJ IDEA and activated by default

  • Live Edit Plugin

4.1.2 - Chrome

  • Chrome Plugin Intellij

4.2 - Grammar / Version

Settings (Ctrl + Alt + S) > Javascript Filtering > Language and Frameworks > Javascript > grammar

4.3 - Third Party Library

A Javascript - Library in IDEA is a set of files and folders that is:

  • write-protected,
  • excluded from check for errors
  • and refactoring,

It only affects the completion list and highlighting.


4.3.1 - Download

  • From the code

  • From the settings

4.3.2 - Scope

By default, all predefined libraries and libraries are treated as libraries in any file within the project. Their usage scope is the whole project.

Project Libraries are not considered libraries in any of the files unless you attach their scope to a file explicitly.

  • From Code:

  • From Settings: - Global

4.3.3 - Documentation


4.3.4 - DefinitelyTyped

Intellij resolved the data type via:

Without any library (no auto-completion, no navigation, no documentation)

Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries – click Download and search for the library

5 - Documentation / Reference