IDEA - Installation / Configuration on Windows

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1 - About

The installation and configuration of IDEA on Windows

2 - Directory

Locations of the:

  • Config, contains user-specific settings
  • System, stores IntelliJ IDEA data caches
  • and Plugins directories,

can be modified in IntelliJ IDEA_home\bin\ file.


Make sure you're using forward slashes.


3 - Doc Popup

Settings | Editor | Code Completion | Autopopup documentation in (ms)

Ctrl + Q


4 - Doc Browser

Shift F1 will start the browser.

5 - Action

6 - Keymap

  • Navigation:
    • Ctrl+Alt+Left and Right is also a Intel Graphic Shortcut to turn the screen. Disable them. If this is not possible make them Alt+Left and Alt+Right

7 - Encoding

7.1 - File encoding

File: to store the characters in the good encoding format, the file encoding should be `UTF8`.

Settings → File Encoding → Project Encoding → IDE Encoding: UTF8

Check the file encoding for each file in the right bottom corner.


7.2 - Console encoding

You need to start Idea in UTF8 and not with the default encoding windows-1521

  • Help > Edit custom VM options…,
  • It opens the “C:\Users\name\.IdeaXXX\config\idea.exe.vmoptions`
  • add the following lines