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1 - About

3 - Module

IntelliJ IDEA distinguishes between the following types of Android modules:

Module Type Description
Gradle Module Create Android applications or libraries that are compiled and built with the Gradle build tool.
Application Module Module that is ready for developing an Android application.
(IntelliJ IDEA will create an application package and set up the Android-specific module structure.)
Empty Module Contains two empty folders: gen and src.
Library Module For holding shared Android source code and resources
(Other Android application projects can reference a library project and include its compiled sources in their .apk files at build time. The Android facet of the module will have the Library project check box automatically selected)
For creating and running Android unit tests.

4 - Target device

Target Device in the Project wizard:

List Description
Do not create run configuration If you do not want to set the Run/Debug configuration at this point. You will be prompted to configure it when you first launch a run or a debug session.
Show device chooser dialog The Choose Device Dialog will be displayed each time you start a run or a debug session.
USB device IntelliJ IDEA will automatically detect a plugged-in USB device upon the application start.
Emulator The preferred Android Virtual Device will be launched when you start a run or a debug session.

5 - Directory Structure