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Powercenter - Xml Source @dit:powercenter
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dit XML Definition to open the [[xml_editor]]. {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_import_edition.jpg|}} * In the menu, Click XMLV... umn view * Rename the new columns. </note> {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_editor.jpg|}} * Click File > Apply Changes to save th... s to the view. * Click File > Exit to close the XML Editor. * The modified source definition appears in th... ar in the transformation.</note> * Click Repository > Save to save the changes to the XML definition.
PowerCenter - Xml Editor @dit:powercenter
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====== PowerCenter - Xml Editor ====== ===== About ===== The [[designer]] represents an XML hierarchy in an [[xml|Xml]] def... You use the XML Editor to edit the XML views. {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_editor.jpg|}} ===== Articles Related ===== {{backlinks>... or right-click the XML definition and select Edit XML Definition to open the [[dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_editor]]. {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_import_edition.jpg|}}
PowerCenter - Transformations @dit:powercenter
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ID before the source data reaches the target. {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_transformation_create.jpg|}} ===== Articles Rela... links>.}} ===== Transformation Toolbar ===== {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_toolbar_transformation.jpg|}} The table below l... with individual objects in the repository. {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_transformation_edit_port.jpg|}} Some transformat... transformation. ==== Expression Editor ==== {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_expression_editor.jpg|}} ==== Reusable ==== Check the check box :
PowerCenter - Xml Target @dit:powercenter
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modeling:relationship|relationship]] if needed {{:dw:etl:informatica_powercenter:powercenter_xml_relationship_pk.jpg|}} * Click File > Apply Changes and close the XML Editor.