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1 - About

Javascript - JQuery presence in Dokuwiki.

2 - Structure

  • versions are defined in lib/scripts/jquery/versions
// getCdnUrls
$event = new Doku_Event('CONFUTIL_CDN_SELECT', $data);
  • lib\exe\jquery.php - concatenating the different files and handling conditional and gzipped requests
  • location: lib/scripts/jquery
  • lib/exe/js.php - create one big js file

The event JS_SCRIPT_LIST lets you suppress Js file

 // Let plugins decide to either put more scripts here or to remove some
trigger_event('JS_SCRIPT_LIST', $files);
  • Event when loading header in function tpl_metaheaders
trigger_event('TPL_METAHEADER_OUTPUT', $head, '_tpl_metaheaders_action', true);
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