Dokuwiki - Installation and configuration of a Farm

1 - About

3 - Minimal Configuration file

The install.php file that comes with the dokuwiki zip file creates three configuration files:

  • local.php
  • users.auth.php
  • acl.auth.php

4 - Virual Host

5 - Cache

5.1 - Dokuwiki

In the cache directory, you may find js (javascript) and css file that use the basedir (DOKU_BASE) configuration parameter.


  • In the Js file, you may find this lines with a root basedir (/) :
  • In the css file, with a basedir to farmer:
a.interwiki{background:transparent url(/farmer/lib/images/interwiki.png) 0px 1px no-repeat;padding:1px 0px 1px 16px;}

5.2 - Browser

6 - Support

6.1 - I don't see the toolbar

Verify the basedir. If you use virtual host, it must be set to a single slash.

6.2 - I don't see the pictures but well their names


  • the dokuwiki cache
  • the browser cache

7 - Documentation / Reference

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