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1 - About

It is a platform for ETL operation (Developed by MicroSoft).

SSIS is (a feature of|included with) SQL Server (introduced in 2005 is the new DTS (Data Transaction Services) platform).


3 - Installation

SSIS consists of a Windows® service that is installed when you select Integration Services on the Feature Selection page of the SQL Server setup wizard.

A screen of the SQL Server Data Tool (ie the design tool of Visual Studio for SSIS, SSAS and SSRS)

4 - Service

The SSIS Windows® service is primarily a control flow engine that manages the execution of task workflows. Task workflows are defined in packages. When developing an SSIS package, the task workflow is referred to as the control flow of the package.

5 - Flow

6 - Client

In addition to the SSIS Windows service, SSIS includes:

  • SSIS Designer.
  • Wizards.
  • Command-line tools. To manage and execute SSIS packages.

6.1 - Wizard

Create, configure, and deploy SSIS solutions with a wizard.

6.2 - Designer

A graphical design interface for developing SSIS project and package in the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment.

  • The Event Handlers tab. A graphical design surface where you can define the workflow for an event handler within a package.

7 - Semantic

7.1 - Application

An SSIS application usually consists of one or more SSIS projects, each containing one or more SSIS packages.

7.2 - Project

  • A versioned container for parameters and packages
  • A unit of deployment to an SSIS catalog

One project may include one of several packages.

File extension: dtproj


7.3 - Package

A package defines a workflow of tasks to be executed

  • An unit of task flow execution
  • An unit of deployment (package deployment model)

8 - Management

8.1 - Privileges

The DCOM Configuration tool (Dcomcnfg.exe) grant permission to specific users to use SSIS.

9 - Support

9.1 - Diagnostic