BDM - infa_rpm.tar

1 - About

The first time a Hadoop Pushdown Mapping is executed, DIS upload the Informatica BDM Tar archive (infa_rpm.tar) to each node of the cluster.

DIS will upload it to the HDFS Staging Directory where it will then installed on each node.

By default, the OS user running the DIS will upload the tar file.

If this user does not have any permissions on the HDFS Staging Directory specified on the DIS, it is possible to force the upload of files to be performed as a different user.

This can be done by configuring the “Hadoop Staging User”, which can be configured in the DIS properties.

2 - Example

du /tmp/infa_rpm/Domain/ce908432ad08b4beffd072ef5344365b/infa_rpm.tar/

3 - Documentation / Reference

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