OWB - Constant Operator

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1 - About

The Constant operator enables you to define constant values in any:

  • PL/SQL
  • or ABAP mapping.
  • but for SQL*Loader mappings, to introduce constants or sequences, use a data generator operator instead.

3 - Properties of a field

  • Expression. Full in the value of the constant.
  • Is predefined constant. If this check box is checked, the constant is inserted direct in the SQL statement and not handle by a function.

It's really useful with sysdate, strings, numbers and fixed dates. It's for performance improvement in large row counts.

sysdate nasty side effects : sysdate comes from a plsql constant it will have the same sysdate for all rows, whereas you use it directly in the insert statement but it can differ, especially when inserting loads of rows


4 - Documentation / Reference