SSAS - Dimension

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1 - Time

Time dimensions are distinct from other dimensions because SSAS contains inherent functionality to group the members into levels. SSAS has built-in logic that puts the correct days into the correct months and the correct months into the correct quarter.

You can either use a Server Time dimension, or use a dimension table that contains time data. Server time dimensions contain hierarchies, levels, and attributes, but these are stored on the server rather than in a separate dimension table.

2 - Management

2.1 - Permission

By default, a role that has access to a cube has read access to all of the dimensions in the cube. But access can be denied to one or more members in the dimension.

The default access is read-only, so users cannot process the cube. However, if you change the permissions of a relevant role to read/write, it will enable users to process the cube.

By default, permissions apply to all dimension members, but an MDX statement can be written to define a subset of the dimension.

An MDX statement can be used:

  • for an allowed member set or a denied member set.
  • to define a default member to control which member users see when they first connect to the cube.
  • to create versatile default members. For example, to use the current calendar year as the default member of a time dimension.