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1 - Database

Oracle Database provide Sample Schemas which are filled with sample data.


3 - List

3.1 - SH

Schema Sales History (SH) is designed to allow for demos with large amounts of data. An extension to this schema provides support for advanced analytic processing with OLAP Services

The SH schema is an Oracle Database Sample Schemas. It is used on this web site for a lot of example and you can find it in a lot of Oracle By Example Series.

3.2 - Obiee

The Oracle By Example Series for the version 10g of OBIEE is also based on this schema. If you know all the steps to configure OBIEE, you can find the archive which contains the metadata based on the SH schema here:

4 - Installation

4.1 - From a database installation

With the start sql plus command after database installation


4.2 - From git

5 - Reference