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1 - About

MOS is an acronym for My Oracle Support. It's the single entry for the Oracle Support. You can touch it on this URL:

Contact: Local contact phone number


3 - History

Before the end of 2009, Oracle had two support web site that are fusionned in one.

  • My Oracle Support for the products :
    • Oracle,
    • Agile,
    • Metasolv,
    • Empirix,
    • BEA
  • Metalink 3 for the products :
    • Siebel,
    • Hyperion,
    • PeopleSoft,
    • JD Edwards

4 - Oracle Support Priorities

Minimize system disruption through:

  • Problem Avoidance (resolving configuration and data issues that would cause processes to fail)
  • Self Service Resolution (resolving problems without the need to contact Oracle Support)
  • Reduction in Resolution Time (minimizing the time spent to resolve an issue)

5 - Support Maturity Model


  • System goes down
  • You call Support
  • You wait for Support to call back
  • Support calls you back
  • You download and install a patch
  • System is eventually recovered


  • Support notifies you of the latest patches
  • You figure out which patches apply to your system
  • You download the new patches
  • You install the new patches
  • System outage is averted some of the time


  • Specific software defect is idenfified
  • You are automatically notified of the potential problem & impact
  • You’re offered a remedy
  • You implement the recommended remedy
  • System outage is averted most of the time

6 - LifeTime Support

Date of End Support after the GA

  • Premier: 5 years
  • Extended: 5+3 years
  • Substainable: Indefinite

Product Premier Support Extended Support Sustaining Support
Major Product and Technology Releases Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
Access to Knowledge Base
(Oracle MetaLink/ PeopleSoft Customer Connection/Siebel SupportWeb)
Yes Yes Yes
Updates, Fixes, Security Alerts, datafixes, and Critical Patch Updates Yes Yes * Pre-existing **
Pre-Existing Only Yes Yes Pre-existing **
Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Updates Yes Yes
Upgrade Scripts Yes Yes Pre-existing **
Pre-Existing Only Yes Yes
Certification with most existing Third-Party Products Yes Yes
Certification with most new Third-Party Products Yes Yes
Certification with most new Oracle products Yes
Certification with most existing Oracle products Yes Yes
  • * :New Updates and Fixes created during Extended Support are made downioadable only for the customers with valid Extended Support
  • ** :Pre-existing: Any Updates, Fixes, Upgrade Scripts, Security Alerts, and Critical Patch Updates created during Premier Support.

Support fee from the general date of availability:

Support Price Growth vs Premier support fee Time from GA
Premier support fee 100 $ first 5 year
Extended support fee 110 $ 10% year 6
Extended support fee 120 $ 20% year 7 and 8
Sustaining Support 100 $ equal (no uplift) any year

7 - Multi-vendor Support Program (MVSP)

The Oracle Multi-Vendor Support Program (MVSP) is a program that provides a collaborative structure for support issues involving multiple vendor products. The focus of this program is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by facilitating 3rd party vendor interactions.

Members of:

registered for the MVSP, can participate in this program.

OPN Website > Support > MVSP

OPN members must meet the Application Requirements and agree to the Collaboration Requirements below. Requirements may change at the sole discretion of Oracle program management.

7.1 - Application Requirements

  • Partner must be a current OPN member in good standing
  • Partner must apply and received confirmation of acceptance for use of this benefit
  • Partner must be accepted into the Product Focus Area(s) for the product on which they wish to collaborate
  • Partner must have a published profile in OPN Solutions Catalog
  • Partner must have a customer that has an active Oracle support agreement

7.2 - Requirements for Collaboration

  • Partner must agree to collaborate with Oracle
  • Partner must follow specific inbound Contact Instructions
  • Partner must use their MVSP support identifier number assigned
  • Partner must provide the mutual Customer’s support ID number
  • Partner must respond to all request by Oracle based on the following
  • Severity levels:
    • Severity 1 – within 1 hour
    • Severity 2 – within 2 hours
    • Severity 3 – within the next business day
    • Severity 4 – within the next business day
  • Partner must provide and maintain standard contact information
  • Partner must provide and maintain escalation instructions

8 - Data Collector

8.1 - Tools

Tools that provides a mechanism for uploading both diagnostic and configuration information as attachment to an SR.

8.1.1 - Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM)

8.1.2 - RDA

RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) is:

  • a set of command line, diagnostic and data collection scripts
  • used to gather detailed diagnostic information about an oracle environment

and collect only:

  • data for Oracle Support (a security filter is provided if required)

8.2 - Utilities

  • Harvester EM Grid Control for configuration collection
  • Oracle Support Hub - Single point for uploading configuration data]]
  • Mass Deployment Tool - Single Point Distribution Tool. Allos for the instllation of configuration manager software to multiples homes from a single point

You can download Oracle Support Hub and Mass Deployment Tool from the Collectors tab in my Oracle Support.

9 - Service Request

First, search the knowledge bases

Severity Name Definition
Severity Level 4 No Business Impact No loos of service or ressources
Severity Level 3 Minor Business Impact Minor loss of service or resources
Severity Level 2 Serious Business Impact Severe loss of service w/o acceptable workaround
Severity Level 1 Critical Business Impact Complete loss of service or resources and work cannot reasonably continue - the work is considered “mission critical”


  • RDA: Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • Camstudio

9.1 - Escalation

For an escalation process (to an manager level), you have to update SR in My Oracle Support and then call into Support.

  • Asking to increase the severity is NOT an escalation
  • Escalating an issue means bringing Oracle Support Management attention to your service request
  • Escalating your service request will provide a direct, 2- way dialogue with a manager support
  • Severity increases can be discussed during the dialogue

10 - Diagnostic Tools

The can be accessed via:

For example:

  • Maintenance / Upgrade Companion (Wizard)
  • RDA: Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • DBA Script Library
  • Performance Tuning Tools (Linux and Unix only)
  • SQL Tuning scripts
  • Diagnostic Support Pack

11 - Tuning Tools

11.1 - Performance

11.2 - SQL

  • SQLTXPLAIN.SQL. Generates comprehensive diagnostic files normally used in the area of SQL analysis and tuning
  • Trace Analyzer - TRCANLZR. Reads and parses one or several SQL traces and producs a comprehensive report with performance related details. Outpu report includes all the detials found on TKPROF, plus additional information normally used for a process performance analysis.

12 - Oracle Collaborative Support (OCS)


13 - Customer

13.1 - Education

  • Oracle University
  • Oracle by Examole
  • Oracle Events (Regional and Webcasts)

13.2 - Service Catalog

Complete portfolio of services covering the entire solution lifecycle

  • Developed to assist customers in:
    • Reducing total cost of ownership
    • Lowering risk
    • Improving business value
  • Dynamic filtering and navigation to your required services
    • ITIL Phase
    • Oracle Line of Business
    • Alphabetical
  • Summary description of all support services

13.3 - Success Self-Assessment

Customer Success. Get more value out of your oracle investment

  • 10-15 min Complementary on-line Survey on 5 domains:
    • Strategy
    • Process
    • Technology
    • People
    • Governance
  • Received personlaized benchmark study
    • Compare results to peer
    • Provides advice on25 good practive areas
    • Recommends actions to improve practices
    • Highlights Oracle Service to assist in practice improvements
  • Navigate oracle's Customer Service catalog
    • Complete Portfolio of services across the solution lifecycle (ITIL).

14 - Support Newsletters

Support Newsletters:

  • enhance the service experience with Oracle Support by pro-actively providing valuable information
    • News
    • Technical Content
  • Technical Updates
  • focuses on specific product areas
  • Subscriptions can be received via email (subscribe)

15 - Community

  • My Oracle Support (Communities)
  • OTN Forums
  • Oracle Wiki
  • Oracle Blogs
  • Oracle Podcasts
  • Oracle Newsletters
  • Oracle Mix
  • Asktom
  • Usersgroups

16 - Transfer of information (TOI)

TOI New features online training

  • Available to Oracle Supported customers at product release
  • These online courses provide release-specific product knowledge that enables to:
    • plan
    • implement/upgrade
    • and support Oracle Applications and Technology products

17 - Glossary

17.1 - System

Systems are named collections of hardware, software and operating system running on a machine.

18 - Documentation / Reference