Oracle Database - ADDM (Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor) - Automatic Performance Diagnostics Tool

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1 - About

ADDM (Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor) is available since Oracle 10g.

are useful features for performance tuning and troubleshooting.

ADDM reports the most significant performance problems between AWR snapshots.

Whether a performance problem is captured by ADDM depends then on its duration compared to the interval between AWR snapshots (default of one hour)

3 - ADDM analysis

ADDM analyses a number of database-related problems

  • Memory-related issues such as shared pool latch contention, log buffer issues, or database buffer cache related problems
  • CPU bottlenecks
  • Disk I/O performance issues
  • Database configuration problems
  • Space-related issues, such as tablespaces running out of space
  • Application and SQL tuning issues such as excessive parsing and excessive locking

You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to view the ADDM findings.