Data Mining - (two class|binary) classification problem (yes/no, false/true)

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1 - About

Binary classification is used to predict one of two possible outcomes.

A two class problem (binary problem) has possibly only two outcomes:

  • “yes or no”
  • “success” or “failure”

and is much more known as a Bernoulli trial (or binomial trial)



3 - Example

  • Is this transaction a fraud ?
  • Will this prospect become a customer ?
  • Which employees are likely to leave a company in the next year ...
  • Is the top card of a shuffled deck an ace?
  • Was the newborn child a girl?
  • Rolling a die, where a six is “success” and everything else a “failure”.
  • In conducting a political opinion poll, choosing a voter at random to ascertain whether that voter will vote “yes” in an upcoming referendum.