Data Mining - Data (Preparation | Wrangling | Munging)

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1 - About

Data for mining must exist within a single table or view. The information for each case (record) must be stored in a separate row.

Proper preparation of the data is a key factor in any data mining project.


3 - Star Schema

Dimensioned data (for example, star schemas) are supported through nested table transformations. ???

4 - Type Preparation

4.1 - Data Cleansing

The data must be properly cleansed to eliminate inconsistencies and support the needs of the mining application.

4.2 - Data Transformation

Additionally, most algorithms require some form of data transformation, such as:

DBMS_DATA_MINING_TRANSFORM is a flexible data transformation package that includes a variety of missing value and outlier treatments, as well as binning and normalization capabilities.

4.3 - Data Set

The data mining development process may require several data sets.

A data set may be:


5 - Documentation / Reference