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1 - About

In 1989, the American National Standards Institute (http://www.ansi.org) published a SQL specification of the ANSI SQL.

The ANSI SQL standard revision:

Year Year Reference Ordering reference Iso (Specification)
1992 SQL-92 SQL-2 ISO/IEC 9075:1992, Sql 92
1999 SQL-99 SQL-3
2003 SQL:2003 ISO/IEC 9075-2:2003
2011 Part 1 SQL Framework

Search the Iso website with term SQL and the (publicly|free) available standard SQL are here

Most major database vendors support the SQL-92 standard. However, the levels of conformance vary. Some vendors have gone beyond the SQL-92 standard and most have their own extensions to the SQL language.

One of the reproach that you can find concerning the ANSI SQL syntax is that it separates join predicates from filter predicates.


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