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1 - About

An integer is the part of a number that is located at the left of the radix point.

In other word, it's a number without its fractional component.

Negative numbers without fractional components are still considered integers.

God made the integers; all else is the work of man Leopold Kronecker

In a database, Integer means generally that the column shall be able to exactly represent integer values (i.e., values in increments of 1) in the range of at least <math>-2^{n โˆ’ 1}</math> to <math>2^{n โˆ’ 1} โˆ’ 1</math>, where n is 64.

3 - Example


In this example, 13 is the integer.

4 - Property

Since the non-zero denominator q of the rational number may be equal to 1, every integer is a rational number.

5 - Function

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