Boolean - (Logical) Operator (OR, AND, XOR, ...)

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1 - About

Boolean operator manipultes truthy and falsy values that can come from:

Boolean operator has the same than arithmetic bitewise operator


3 - Syntax

General syntax is

lhs operator rhs


3.1 - Negation

Any Boolean expression (such as the outcome of a comparison operator may be negated with not.

Syntax example:

# or

3.2 - Operator

Operator Description Logic
&& Logical AND If rhs is falsy, the expression evaluates to lhs
|| Logical OR if lhs is truthy, the expression evaluates to lhs, otherwise, it evaluates to rhs
& Bitwise AND
| Bitwise OR
^ Bitwise exclusive OR

&& and || exhibit short-circuiting“ behavior, which means that the second operand is evaluated only if needed


4 - Computer

In computer, a logical operator is implemented by a logic gate

5 - Order of precedence

Grammar - (Order of (operations|precedence)|operator precedence)

And and OR have normally lower priorities than comparison operators

Between them, not has the highest priority and or the lowest, so that:

A and not B or C

is equivalent to

(A and (not B)) or C.

6 - Illustration

And, Or and Xor seem incorrect.

7 - Documentation