OBIEE - Data security (visibility of data)

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1 - About

Security in OBIEE.

Data-level security controls the visibility of data (content rendered in subject areas, dashboards, Oracle BI Answers, and so on) based on the user's association to data in the transactional system.


3 - Type

3.1 - (Row|Filter)

Row-level security in OBIEE.

In this example, if a user of the Country Managers group, select a column of the table SH.Salesfacts or SH.Customers, the logical query will get this filter where the country is equal to the session variable (UserCountry).

SH.Customers.Country =  VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."UserCountry")

As the session variable (UserCountry) is defined by user, you wil get only the data for the country of the user.

You can also define a column in the name. In this case, you can also set a filter on an other columns if a user choose this column: OBIEE - How to define the BI server security to add automatically a filter when a column is added to an answer (row security level)

3.2 - (Column|Hierarchy Level)

The hierarchy level security define which level a user as the right to see.

To handle it on a single report, you may use:

WHEN "Dim Organisation"."Business Line" = VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."MY_BUSINESS_LINE") THEN
  "Dim Organisatie"."Team"
  'All Teams of ' || "Dim Organisatie"."Business Line"
  -- Which correspond to the All or Total Level