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1 - About

This section goes over the programmatically manipulation of the repository.

2 - Process

2.1 - Whole repository

The programmatic process is generally straight forward:

  • you transform the binary repository to a text file representation (Generally an XML)
  • you modify it
  • and you create the binary repository back.

2.2 - Patching

This process can also be applied on an object level:

  • you create a text file that represent one or several whole objects in your repository (such as a connection, a logical table,…)
  • you can the apply this text file against the binary repository to modify it.

See OBIEE - BI Server Patch (automatic update with a patch file)

3 - Format

OBIS makes available three three different text files format in order to represent a repository.

4 - Type

The modification can be applied:


5 - Documentation / Reference