OBIEE - Cosmetic Formatting (Style, Css)

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1 - About

Cosmetic formatting is independent of a condition whereas a Conditional Formatting is dependent of a condition.


3 - How to

3.1 - Suppress the standard 100% width property of a dashboard page

To suppress the inheritance of the default 100% width property of the dashboard page, you can set up the style with a width value to none in the section.

This parameter will generate a style property such as:

<td style="width:none;">

3.2 - Suppress the wrapping of an attribute column

You may attribute of different lengths (description, code) To get a beautiful table, add this style property to them. This will prevent the text to wrap up in a second line.

<td style="white-space:nowrap;">

See white space

3.3 - Wrap a long word to a fixed width

@[html]<div style="width:50px;word-wrap:break-word;white-space:pre-line">@H</div>

4 - Where are going the attributes of the format section ?