OBIEE - How to connect remotely to the servers (BI, Presentation) ?

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1 - About

This article shows you how you can perform a remote connections with the OBIEE client tools Administration Tool and catalog manager to manage respectively :

You must replace all the variables below by your own environment values.

Variable Default Value
Repository_Name Star
Dns_name_obi_server local
Dns_name_presentation_server localhost

3 - Oracle BI Server service

3.1 - How to create a System DNS ODBC connexion

3.2 - Connection with the Administration Tool

Now, when you want to open a online repository, you must have in the ODBC list, your new ODBC connexion. Choose it, fill the good credential and click the Open Button to connect to the remote repository.

3.3 - Connection with the Oracle BI Presentation Service

Open the file instanceconfig.xml and update the node DSN (by default AnalyticsWeb).


4 - Catalog Manager

In the logon screen, you must enter this url