OBIEE 10G/11G - LOCALE system session variable

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1 - About

The locale variable in the context of OBIEE. It's a system session variable and is used for functions such as:

  • displaying dates and currencies
  • and sorting data.

Some locale- and language-related settings are interrelated and help determine how the Oracle BI Server sorts data.


3 - Default value

Users can change the locale setting on the Preferences tab of the My Account dialog.

4 - Configuration

4.1 - For BI Presentation Service

In OBIEE - Instanceconfig.xml (Configuration Presentation Services):

<!-- To configure a limited set of locales to be available to users uncomment the <AllowedLocales> tag below
 and choose a subset set of locale tags from the list. Values must be comma separated. -->

<!-- <AllowedLocales>ar-dz,ar-bh,ar-dj,ar-eg,ar-iq,ar-jo,ar-kw,ar-lb,ar-ly,ar-ma,ar-om,ar-qa,ar-sa,ar-so,
th-th,tr-tr,zh-cn,zh-mo,zh-sg,zh-tw</AllowedLocales> -->

4.2 - For BI Server

You can find it in the General section of the NQSConfig.INI file.

5 - Documentation / Reference