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 Perfcounter can be: Perfcounter can be:
-  * monitored through [[windows:​perfmon|perfmon]]+  * monitored through [[counter:​resource:​system:​perfmon|perfmon]]
   * collected through [[lang:​dos:​typeperf|typeperf]] or [[lang:​dos:​logman#​perfcounter|logman]]   * collected through [[lang:​dos:​typeperf|typeperf]] or [[lang:​dos:​logman#​perfcounter|logman]]
 +[[counter:​resource:​system:​perfmon|Perfmon]] is a good starting point for measuring utilization but it has several limitations that can make it less than optimal. ​
 +Consider alternatives like XPerf in the Windows Performance Toolkit. http://​msdn.microsoft.com/​en-us/​performance/​default.aspx
 ===== Articles Related ===== ===== Articles Related =====
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 ==== get a list of all performance counter availabe ==== ==== get a list of all performance counter availabe ====
-through [[windows:​perfmon|perfmon]]+through [[counter:​resource:​system:​perfmon|perfmon]]
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