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Performance - Perfcounter for Windows

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1 - About

Performance counters monitor system components such as processors, memory, and network I/O.

Use in an application, they can publish performance-related data to compare them against acceptable criteria.

Performance counters are available on Microsoft operating systems Windows 2000 and later.

Perfcounter can be:


3 - How to

3.1 - Choose the perfcounter to monitor

Start by monitoring the activity of the following components in order:

The following table shows the minimum counters recommended for server monitoring. When examining specific resources, you should include other counters for the associated performance object.

Component Performance aspect being monitored Counters to monitor
Disk Usage Physical Disk\Disk Reads/sec
Physical Disk\Disk Writes/sec
LogicalDisk\% Free Space
Interpret the % Disk Time counter carefully. Because the _Total instance of this counter may not accurately reflect utilization on multiple-disk systems, it is important to use the % Idle Time counter as well. Note that these counters cannot display a value exceeding 100%.
Disk Hindrances Physical Disk\Avg. Disk Queue Length (all instances)
Memory Usage Memory\Available Bytes
Memory\Cache Bytes
Memory Hindrances Memory\Pages/sec
Memory\Page Reads/sec
Memory\Transition Faults/sec
Memory\Pool Paged Bytes
Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Although not specifically Memory object counters, the following are also useful for memory analysis:
* Paging File\% Usage object (all instances)
* Cache\Data Map Hits %
Server\Pool Paged Bytes and Server\Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Network Throughput Protocol transmission counters (varies with networking protocol); for TCP/IP:
* Network Interface\Bytes total/sec
* Network Interface\ Packets/sec
* Server\Bytes Total/sec or Server\Bytes Transmitted/sec and Server\Bytes Received/sec
You may want to monitor other objects for network and server throughput as described in Monitoring network activity.
Processor Usage Processor\% Processor Time (all instances)
Processor Hindrances System\Processor Queue Length (all instances)
Processor\ Interrupts/sec
System\Context switches/sec

3.2 - get a list of all performance counter availabe

through perfmon

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