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1 - About

metrics of a CPU.

All CPU metrics are System metrics.

System Performance counters are CPU hardware registers that count hardware events such as instructions executed and cache-misses suffered.

For CPU performance, see CPU - Performance


3 - Metrics

4 - Task

4.1 - Idle

The idle task is the task with the absolute lowest priority in a multitasking system. This task is also sometimes called the background task or background loop. This logic traditionally has a while type of loop. In other words, an infinite loop spins the CPU waiting for an indication that critical work needs to be done.

4.2 - Work

Work may or may not include a plethora of activity, including:

  • floating point and integer computation,
  • register moves,
  • loads,
  • stores,
  • delays waiting for memory accesses and IO’s,
  • etc.

5 - Documentation / Reference